Originally published via e-mail on 6/15/04 to all members of the Game Writers' Special Interest Group at the International Game Developer's Association.

[i-writing] SIG Report

An ongoing, monthly newsletter for members: updating the SIG's activities, intended to prompt participation and continuity.

Time's up. Have you levelled yet? Let's see what the standings are:

* The Wiki is still available online at: [proprietary URL removed]

* The article proposed in #1 is moving ahead thanks to Stephen Jacobs and his work with the editor of Game Developer. He's looking for suggestions for other "writer-friendly" execs - so if you know of any please speak up!

* Coray is still the only volunteer for #2. Nothing like a solo hero, I guess. Go Coray! Promote that Game Developer's Choice Award for Excellence in Writing! Let us know if there are specific ways people can help on short-term items.

* Stephen Jacobs is working with two other profs to secure a graduate student to focus on #3. Nothing like getting a golum to help out the wizards with the grunt work.

* Richard Dansky is roaring ahead with #4. He's got a draft of the GDC tutorial up on the wiki and is looking for comment. Also, deadlines for GDC are fast approaching, so if you volunteered for this please reiterate your interest! Also, anyone want to give a tutorial on documentation?

* Wendy Despain and John Baker have made a lot of progress on #5 - better check out the wiki if you want a say in how the Hall of Fame is going to work. You can also comment on a sample "nomination" for the HOF.

* Richard Dansky has been working with the HWA on #6. He's done a chat with them and is preparing a whitepaper for them. Do they have official "alliances" with other organizations?

* The book for #7 is developing well. Chris has suggested that it shouldn't be submitted to the publishing world for a few months as they're kind of tired of game books right now. Work continues on assignments and structure debates.

* A new design for the SIG page at IGDA.ORG is moving ahead in fits and starts. One of these days you'll just wake up and it will be all new unless you pay attention to the wiki. Also - we nominate JoAnna Lio as the new web minder (with me as backup) - so Chris, can you send us the server info?

* We are the pleased to have this mailing list find a new home at Presumably there will be fewer bounced e-mails when we send to it now and we can add new people more expeditiously. Yay! That's got to rate a level up for somebody.

Wendy Despain
Court Reporter